dinsdag 16 februari 2016


My dad is in hospital.  He sustained a hemorrhagic stroke last Friday and has lost movement and feeling on the left side of his body.  Nine months ago I bought my plane ticket so that I could be with him to celebrate his 77th birthday on Saturday.  The stroke happened the day before I was due to leave.  His timing is odd.

Today is day 5 post-stroke for my dad.  Over the past four days he has become more alert although his dementia has become more debilitating.  This means that he doesn't recognise family or follow conversations.  He can't feed himself, dress himself, move from his bed or answer questions.  All the same the medical team have referred him to the rehabilitation unit.  I anticipate some very frustrated physiotherapists and occupational therapists who try to re-teach him lost skills,

Long term we don't know what is going to happen but I want to help my mother prepare by knowing her options.  Today I will make arrangements for her to visit nursing home facilities - because I suspect that my dad will continue needing nursing care in the long term and that bringing him home would be unsafe and unviable for both my parents.  It is a sad time.

Today's link is to an overview on strokes:  overview

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